Whole30 Round 2 – Day 7


Good Morning!  Just a quick post to share my eats and workout for yesterday. Breakfast:   Omelet with leftover taco meat, avocado and a mix of strawberries and avocado. Lunch:   Leftover pork roast and sauerkraut. Dinner:   Steak, half a sweet potato and creamed spinach using coconut milk. C25K – Week 3 Day 3 [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 6


Happy Friday!! Hope you had a great week!  I can’t believe our first week of Whole30 is almost over.  You’ve probably noticed from the meals I’ve been posting, that we’re not doing a whole lot different this time except we’re not eating as many sweet potatoes.  I don’t think there were many days during our [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 5


Good Morning!  It’s Thursday already..the weekend is almost here!  I actually felt like yesterday should’ve been Thursday but I’m trying to be positive.   Day 5 was another successful day.  I’m glad I skipped the headache this time around.  During our first round of Whole30, we both had a headache until Day 5 or 6. [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 3


Good Morning!  Day 3 was another good day although I had the fight the afternoon sugar cravings and I felt tired after work.  I had big plans to go to the gym but putting my jammies on when I got home sounded much better. I refer back to what we ate during our first Whole30 [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 2


Good Morning!  It actually feels good to be posting these Whole30 updates again.  Day 2 was another successful day. Breakfast:   Dane and I split a spinach and mushroom omelet and I had a leftover salmon cake and a mix of strawberries and pineapple. Lunch:   We went to Outback for lunch with Dane’s grandma. [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 1


Good Morning!  After getting off track and losing that awesome feeling we had after our first Whole30, we decided to take on Round 2 in June.  This time was a little different than last because we already had most of the staples in the house and we never started buying food that we didn’t buy [Read On]

Tri Something New


Are you looking to spice up your workout routine?  Do you find yourself constantly doing the same Jillian video or always walking to the same loop in your neighborhood? Racheal from Running with Racheal and I have combined forces to create the team Tri Something New.  Although, we each have our individual goals for the [Read On]

Unbelievable Rain


Good Morning and Happy Friday!  One of the things I’m really good at, is sleeping.  I very rarely wake up in the middle of the night but last night I was awake several times because it was raining SO hard!  Every single time it was just as hard if not harder than it was when [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 5-1-13


Good Morning!  Can you believe it’s May already? Unbelievable how fast time goes.  Let’s get right to this week’s weigh in. My weight last week – 166.3 My weight this week – 165.1 Weight loss this week ~ 1.2 Total weight loss (since starting Whole30 2/18/13) – 18.3 I can’t even tell you the last [Read On]