Whole30 Round 2 – Day 4


Happy Hump Day and Happy National Running Day!  Here is the 2013 Running Day badge I created. I’m not breaking records or anything but I started the Couch to 5k program again to prove to myself that I can do it.  So far so good.  Dane told me he thought he would hate but it [Read On]

Whole30 – Day 4


I woke up on Day 4 without a headache.  As the day went on, I did develop a small one but nothing like Days 2 & 3.  Dane said he still didn’t feel great so hopefully today will be better. Our Day 3 e-mail gave tips on fighting food cravings.  I honestly haven’t been craving [Read On]

Whole30 – Day 3


I woke up yesterday and opened up my Whole30 Day 3 e-mail and found this pretty amusing. That about sums it up.  :)  I had another slight headache and felt like I could have gone back to bed with no problem. Dane decided to change it up a little for breakfast. 2 fried eggs over [Read On]

Whole30 – Day 2


I started Day 2 with a killer headache.  I’ve heard  other people complain of headaches in the first week, so I just assumed it was normal.  Our Day 1 breakfast was so good that we decided to have the same thing.   Eggs scrambled with veggies and dill, homemade breakfast sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, strawberries [Read On]