Weigh in Wednesday 5-1-13


Good Morning!  Can you believe it’s May already? Unbelievable how fast time goes.  Let’s get right to this week’s weigh in. My weight last week – 166.3 My weight this week – 165.1 Weight loss this week ~ 1.2 Total weight loss (since starting Whole30 2/18/13) – 18.3 I can’t even tell you the last [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 4-24-13


My weight last week – 166.5 My weight this week – 166.3 Weight loss this week ~ .2 Total weight loss (since starting Whole30 2/18/13) – 17.1 I wasn’t sure what I was going to see on the scale this week after eating out on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I can feel that TOM [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 4-17-13


My weight last week – 167.6 My weight this week – 166.5 Weight loss this week ~ 1.1 Total weight loss (since starting Whole30 (2/18/13) – 16.9 Very happy to see another loss on the scale! The only thing I’m looking to change in the next week is more activity and I’m already off to [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 4-3-13


I REALLY wanted to skip my weigh in this morning.  The main reason being because TOM showed up yesterday and that’s never a good thing for the scale. My weight last week – 169.2 My weight this week – 170.2 Weight loss this week – +1.0 lbs Total weight loss ( since starting Whole30) – [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 3-27-13


 I weighed in for the first time since we finished Whole30. My weight last week – 171.8 My weight this week – 169.2 Weight loss this week – 2.6 lbs Total weight loss (since starting Whole30) – 14.2 lbs   _____________________________________________________________________ Tuesday I did get up and get to the gym. I woke up at [Read On]

Couch to 5k – W6D1


Happy Friday!!  :)  I’m a little behind on posting my Couch to 5k progress due to a busy week.  On Wednesday, Kim and I met up after work for Week 6 Day 1.  Surprisingly, Week 6 goes back to some intervals after the 20 minutes straight Week 5 Day 3. Week 6 Day 1 5 [Read On]

Weigh In Wednesday


Good Morning!  Not really, but it sounds good, right?  The last thing I wanted to do this morning was get on the scale.  Although I’ve been working out more in the last month than I ever have, I still haven’t completely reeled in the eating.  I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m just [Read On]

Weigh In Wednesday


Good Morning!  Last week, I made the decision to go back to Weight Watchers Online.  I was having a hard time getting back into the groove after my cruise and for some reason, I wasn’t feelin’ it with tracking on MFP.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with MyFitnessPal, it just comes down to your [Read On]