Quiet night quinoa


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!  Dane’s sister went back to Connecticut yesterday afternoon.  It was kinda weird having the house to ourselves last night. Between vacation, me being sick and a week long house guest, we’ve been on the go and out of our element for about 3 weeks. I was happy to welcome back [Read On]

A different kind of taper


I apologize for being such a Debbie Downer lately.  I thought I was getting better after taking the Zpack, despite my ears being plugged but  yesterday I just really felt blah.  My ears were still completely plugged and the right one was making an awful whistling noise when I blew my nose.  I had sinus pressure, [Read On]

Runaway Kitty


Good Morning!  I hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.  I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better despite my ears that just don’t want to unplug.  :(  It’s such an annoying feeling and I hate saying “what?” all of the time.  I’m hoping they will pop soon. Speaking of kitties.  We have a screened [Read On]