Don’t Quit

don't quit

We’re getting everything together this morning to head to the woods for the weekend.  I came across this poem and wanted to share it with you all.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  :) Don’t Quit When you’ve eaten too much and you can’t write it down, And you feel like the biggest failure [Read On]

Soggy Friday


Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Holy cow, we are getting the rain here in Florida.  It was pouring during my entire drive home (1 hour) yesterday and seeing not one but two different cars flipped over on the side of the road didn’t help matters.  It always makes my heart sink when I see something [Read On]

June so soon?!


**Sorry if you received an incomplete version of this post last night.  I was typing it up and hit Publish instead of Preview.  Oops!! Is it seriously June already?  I know I say this every month, but holy crap, May went by in a flash!  At the beginning of the month, I had really high [Read On]