A Ballgame and Just Add Bacon


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to having a bagel or cereal for breakfast.  Even though we eat a lot of the same things, this has become my favorite meal. Breakfast: Omelet with shredded chicken, salsa, sweet potato and strawberries/pineapple. Lunch: The last of the ground beef, kale, brussel sprouts and [Read On]

To eat or not to eat


Good Morning!  I just love Saturday mornings.  Even though I don’t sleep real late, it’s nice not having to wake up from an alarm clock.  Even if I wanted to sleep late, it’s almost impossible because our cats think our bed is the ideal wrestling spot early in the morning. Last night, Dane and I [Read On]

Fat Freak Out


Do you ever have days where you pull something out of your closet, try it on and after walking around a little and constantly tugging at it, you realize you can’t wear it?  Then you try something else on and the same thing happens.  Not matter what, you just feel FAT!  I’ve gained back a [Read On]