Happy Friday


Good Morning!  Thank you so much for all of your kind words on yesterday’s post in the comments and on Facebook. I’m waking up to this crazy news coming out of Boston.  I don’t know the exact story (it seems to change quite often) but it appears one of the suspects that the FBI revealed [Read On]

Weigh in Wednesday 4-17-13


My weight last week – 167.6 My weight this week – 166.5 Weight loss this week ~ 1.1 Total weight loss (since starting Whole30 (2/18/13) – 16.9 Very happy to see another loss on the scale! The only thing I’m looking to change in the next week is more activity and I’m already off to [Read On]

Homemade Almond Milk & Smaller Jeans


Good Morning!  I hope you’re having a great weekend!  We had an action packed Saturday that started with…pancakes! Dane decided to make up his own recipe and came up with these. Coconut Flour & Applesauce Pancakes Ingredients 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp coconut flour 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp apple [Read On]

Happy Monday


Happy Monday!  It actually is a Happy Monday because I’m off today.  Dane’s college roommate is in town with his family, so we’re going to Sea World with them. We ended up getting passes for the rest of the year when we went in February for my birthday. We had a really nice Easter and hopefully [Read On]

First Drink


Happy Saturday!  I slept until 7:15 today and for me that’s sleeping in!  We decided to go out to watch the Gator game last night because I knew it would be hard for me to stay awake if we watched it at home.  The game started late because the game before it ran late, so [Read On]

Still talking about Whole30


Happy Friday!  Did this seem like a really long week to you?  It did for me.  I’ll be leaving work early today, though and I’m off Monday, so bring on the weekend! Yesterday after work, I stopped home really quick to change my clothes and went to Dane’s softball game.  They won of course and [Read On]

Easter Menu & E-mail/RSS Updates


We’re having Easter at our house this year and we’ve been trying to come up with a Paleo friendly meal that everyone will enjoy.  This is what we’ve come up with so far: Beef roast Brussels sprouts Velvety Butternut Squash Roasted sweet potatoes (for anyone that doesn’t want squash) Roasted carrots And I’d like to [Read On]

Whole30 – Day 30


We did it!!!  When I first sent Dane the e-mail with the details of Whole30, I was sure he wasn’t going to participate.  I knew his first response would be, “No beer for 30 days?”  Much to my surprise, he told me he was in and here we are at the end of our 30 [Read On]

Whole30 – Day 29


This is me – I can’t tell enough people how good I feel. (taken from my daily e-mail) I can’t believe we’re almost done!!  Now, I’m starting to get anxious to step on the scale and see how much weight I’ve lost.  At the beginning of Whole30, I didn’t have any real weight loss expectations.  [Read On]