C25K – Week 5 Day 2

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Dane and I headed out for our first morning run since we’ve been doing Couch to 5k on Sunday.   My weather app said it was 73 degrees which seemed a whole lot better than the mid to high 80′s we’ve been running in after work.  For some reason, it didn’t feel any cooler.  There [Read On]

C25K – Week 5 Day 1


I can’t believe we’re on Week 5 already!  Week 5 Day 1 was relatively easy compared to Week 4 – it consisted of (2) 5 minute runs with a 3 minute walk break in between. We headed out when I got home from work.  It was still 87 degrees and felt like 97.  Perfect. The [Read On]

C25K – Week 4 Day 3

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Dane and I did Week 4 Day 3 on Sunday evening.  It was in the low 80′s and there was a really nice breeze.  We remembered bug spray this time and headed to our usual spot. This was our last day of Week 4!  Next week is the dreaded Week 5 that ends with a [Read On]

C25K – Week 4 Day 2

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Good Morning!  I’m behind again on my Couch to 5k updates. Last Wednesday we headed out after work for Week 4 Day 2.  The temp was just below 90 degrees and there was no breeze to be found.  The heat really does make a huge difference when there is no air circulation. This app cracks [Read On]

C25K – Week 4 Day 1


Dane and I headed out for Week 4 Day 1 when I got home from work yesterday.  I had a little bit of anxiety about the 5 minute runs even though I’ve done it before.  My breathing wasn’t great on Friday for the last day of Week 3 due to the heat, the humidity and [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 7


Good Morning!  Just a quick post to share my eats and workout for yesterday. Breakfast:   Omelet with leftover taco meat, avocado and a mix of strawberries and avocado. Lunch:   Leftover pork roast and sauerkraut. Dinner:   Steak, half a sweet potato and creamed spinach using coconut milk. C25K – Week 3 Day 3 [Read On]

Whole30 Round 2 – Day 5


Good Morning!  It’s Thursday already..the weekend is almost here!  I actually felt like yesterday should’ve been Thursday but I’m trying to be positive.   Day 5 was another successful day.  I’m glad I skipped the headache this time around.  During our first round of Whole30, we both had a headache until Day 5 or 6. [Read On]

C25K Updates


Hi there…remember me?  Even though I’ve been quiet here, Dane and I have been keeping up with Couch to 5k. Week 1 Day 3   Week 2 Day 1   I guess the sun was in his eyes? Week 2 Day 2   Week 2 Day 3   We plan on starting Week 3 tomorrow!  [Read On]

C25K – Week 1 Day 2


Happy Friday Eve!  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for this long weekend. Dane and I headed out for Week 1 Day 2 of Couch to 5k when I got home from work yesterday.  This time the sun was shining and it felt hot!  Although I was still breathing hard it felt [Read On]