Gluten Free and Random Weekend Happenings


For the last few months, I’ve slowly started letting gluten back into my diet.  As a result, I’ve been feeling more tired, my stomach has been more swollen and I’ve just felt “off.”   I take meds for my hypothyroidism but I feel like I notice the symptoms a lot more when I’m eating gluten.  So, [Read On]

My Favorite Salad


Good Morning!  I’m getting a late start today but that’s what weekends are for, right?  Thank you so much for all of the comments on yesterday’s post.  Maybe one day I will give running another shot but for now, it feels good to not be pressured. Dane and I went to one of our favorite [Read On]

Favorite Salad


Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!  As I mentioned yesterday, I decided I’m going to start posting my food on the blog again in hopes that it will encourage me to make better choices.  We never went grocery shopping over the weekend, so we didn’t have a whole lot of food in the house. I [Read On]

Couch to 5k – Again


Good Morning and Happy Monday Tuesday!  Hopefully you had a great 3 day weekend.  Yesterday afternoon, Dane and I went to lunch with his Grandma.  I wore a sundress that I bought on the cruise. We decided to go to my favorite place, Lulu’s.  I had the same thing I always get – the Caribbean Salmon [Read On]