Setting up for a good week

It’s a new week and a new month, so I thought I’d pop in and share some goals for the week.  Last week I had a bad head cold, so I only made it to the gym twice.  I postponed my leg workout on Friday but I didn’t wake up feeling any better on Saturday morning, so I’m going to make up for it this week.  It might be kind of nice to mix things up a bit.

Dane was awesome and made me some homemade chicken soup on Saturday.  I’m convinced this contributed to me feeling much better today.


We haven’t been eating breakfast as much lately. I usually make a protein smoothie during the week, so I can have it for my commute to work.  This morning, I made a simple breakfast that resembled what we ate during our Whole30.


Scrambled eggs, bacon and diced sweet potatoes.

I also had some almond milk in my coffee.  I’ve been drinking it black for quite some time but this was a nice change.


As I was just typing this, I realized that I talk about Whole30 quite often.  (Not that I’ve been blogging regularly lately)  I think I miss it, although I’m struggling with being as disciplined as we were during those 30 days.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I feel like once I give myself a little leeway, I go completely overboard.  I can’t just enjoy a few gluten free yogurt covered pretzels – I have to finish the whole dang bag!


Who knows, there could be another Whole30 in my future.

That being said, here are my goals for this week:

  • Try to be mindful of everything I put into my mouth.
  • Avoid sugar (again). I’m afraid I’ve let the sugar/carb monster creep back in.
  • Drink 100 oz. of water every day.
  • Blog a couple of times.  I would like to get back into blogging regularly instead of just popping in here when there’s something to celebrate or something to complain about that’s what Facebook is for.  I’m kidding, I don’t complain on Facebook but it sure does seem like more and more people do every day.

Workout Schedule

Monday – Legs w/my trainer
Tuesday – HIIT workout with Kim and Teri
Wednesday – Chest and tri’s w/my trainer
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Back and shoulder’s w/my trainer
Saturday – Legs w/my trainer

What do you have in store this week?



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    Good to hear from you! I don’t know why, but I always like to see what you are eating. Maybe it’s to give me ideas?! Really, that’s pretty selfish of me. ;-) Have a great week!
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