Gimme a Push

So, I worked out with my trainer for the first time after work yesterday.  I changed my clothes at work and went directly to the gym.  It’s near my house, so it was close to an hour drive for me.  I was a little less nervous after meeting with him on Friday but still apprehensive since I had never done anything like this in my adult life.

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I arrived at Anytime Fitness in Ormond Beach at 5:25 (my appointment was at 5:30).  This was a free initial consultation with Bill the owner, to see if this was something I was even interested in.  I’m not really sure what the nerves were about?  Even though I’ve been somewhat active for 2 years now, I haven’t lifted weights regularly or really pushed myself in a long time.

We ended up working every muscle group and although my heart was pumping and the sweat was dripping, I was somewhat impressed that I was able to keep up.  I never would’ve pushed myself like that.  I never would’ve kept going past that uncomfortable feeling but knocking out those last couple of reps when I thought I had to quit was an awesome feeling.


Kim has been working out with this same trainer for about 8 weeks now and she’s had nothing but positive things to say.

kim text

Kim and Teri had an appointment to work out right after me, so I was looking forward to seeing them when I was done.  They could tell  by the sweat that I had a great workout.

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I’m definitely feeling the effects today but I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!

If you’re local and looking to take the next step in your journey, call Bill at Anytime Fitness @ 386-677-8600.

**I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.  I was really happy with my experience and wanted to share with my readers.


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