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As you know, I’ve been posting daily about our second round of Whole30.  I made the decision to do a second round because I felt like I was completely off track after going out of town and having family in town visiting.  I wasn’t eating mostly Paleo, we were eating out most of the time and I wasn’t feeling great.

When Dane and I finished our first Whole30, there wasn’t a whole lot we changed.  Most of our meals continued to be compliant with the exception of Friday nights where we gave ourselves the option to have whatever we wanted.  We also incorporated some Paleo goodies once in awhile like pancakes and muffins.  That was working well for us.

Just because I went out of town or just because we had family in town, didn’t mean we had a free pass to eat whatever we wanted.  Even though we were eating out, we still had the option to make a healthier choice.  There were days that Dane would order something reasonable and I was the one ordering the burger and fries.  That never used to happen.

The first week of this Whole30 wasn’t bad.  We slipped right back into the program and even tried some new recipes.  Then the weekend came and the fact that we were completely restricted again really irked me.  We already did this for 30 day and we both learned a lot.  We both know what we need to do to feel good and lose weight.  Perhaps jumping back on the Whole30 train for a few days was just what I needed to get my head back in the game?

Our Saturday started great with this breakfast:


Omelet with spinach, onions and red pepper, homemade breakfast sausage and a mix of strawberries and banana.

Later in the day we headed to Jacksonville for a graduation party.  We weren’t sure what kind of food was available but we ate breakfast later than usual so we didn’t want to eat again before we left.  There ended up being plenty of options for us.  We both had pulled pork (with a little bit of barbecue sauce), deviled eggs (most likely made with mayo) and fruit. (I didn’t take a picture of my plate)

I instantly felt guilty.  Not really because we “cheated” on our Whole30 but because I knew I was going to have to come back here and report what I ate.  I actually like sharing my meals but I hate the fact that I’m worried about what everyone else will think.

We had intentions of coming home after the party but we ended up meeting up with some friends at the beach.  From there we went to a pizza place.  Because of what I just mentioned, I wasn’t going to share these pictures but I decided that this is my blog and my life and it is what it is.

First, four of us shared this.


A chicken parmesan stromboli.

And then this:


Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

It was good.  Really good.  I’m not gonna life, my stomach wasn’t exactly happy with me on Sunday morning.  Instead of going completely off track, we went right back to what we know works on Sunday.  By the time we got around to eating, it was almost lunch time so we skipped breakfast.


Buffalo shrimp with roasted plantain, homemade guacamole and homemade plantain chips.

For dinner we made another recipe from Well Fed – Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken


So yeah, once again, I’m not perfect and this wasn’t making me happy.

happy 2

Dane and I talked about it yesterday and we decided that we’re going back to the way we were following our first Whole30.  Most of the time we’ll eat Paleo and once in awhile we’ll have a day that we eat what want.  I still plan on taking pictures of everything I eat but maybe I won’t post every day.

I still think Whole30 is a wonderful program and fully support anyone following it.



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    I get it! I actually have been feeling bad about categorizing what I’m doing as Whole30. I’m drinking smoothies almost daily. The whole point of getting strict in June was to focus on the emotional bad food behaviors I have. The food itself is secondary. I don’t care if I put a little butter on the veggies at dinner, that’s not a problem for me. I make smoothies loaded with veggies (4-6 servings) and other good stuff. They keep me full and I love them, and they aren’t my problem. Technically though, I’m not doing Whole30 with the smoothies. And yes, I’ve been getting on the scale too. My point? You’re doing the things that you’re comfortable with, finding your path on this journey. I think that’s most important. I wish I had read It Starts With Food before my first Whole30, because I think I would’ve understood the psychological aspect better and I wouldn’t be tackling that now :P
    Have a great week, eat clean & no worries

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    Kim- I think you are being way too hard on yourself. You need to get out of this what you WANT out of this. I know it’s hard not to worry about what everyone else thinks, but that’s not what’s important. Post what you want. What you record is what you’ll most likely remember, so post what you think is important for you when you look back. ;-)

    I personally like that you cut up all your fruit for breakfast. I’d probably just eat the fruit whole, but I think it makes your plate look nicer and it would also be more satisfying eating bite by bite…
    Carrie @ Season It Already! recently posted..Walking the Dog Day 5kMy Profile

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    Happy Monday to you! I can totally relate to your post today. Even if I haven’t done a full Whole 30 before, after going through 3 rounds of the 21DSD, I’ve started feeling restrictive during the weekends. I enjoyed some non-Paleo snacks on Saturday without going overboard, it didn’t make me feel guilty rather I felt happy and content. I listened to my body and what it wanted and to me that’s what is important :) I can say that I eat Paleo 80% of the time, and the other 20% is where I allow some indulgences.
    Jenny @ paleofoodiekitchen recently posted..Cajun Salmon w/ Roasted Brussels SproutsMy Profile

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    Matt @ The Athlete's Plate says:

    I can totally relate to this! After my Whole30, I sort of went to balls to the walls. Now, I’m doing mostly paleo, about 80/20. I feel really good this way.

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    I totally get you too! Sometimes we are adding a whole ‘nother layer of guilt to our lives by blogging. The one where we put it out to the “world” that we are going to do something, but then we get derailed by life and it doesn’t happen. Try not to add that guilt to yourself! You are human, make human “mistakes” (although I don’t think pizza is a mistake!), and in the end have to do what’s right for you. I think you are doing awesome! You’ve come so far with your healthy eating, and you are rocking your couch to 5k program! You’ve got it!
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