Still talking about Whole30

Happy Friday!  Did this seem like a really long week to you?  It did for me.  I’ll be leaving work early today, though and I’m off Monday, so bring on the weekend!

Yesterday after work, I stopped home really quick to change my clothes and went to Dane’s softball game.  They won of course and Mack was there again.


Pictures just don’t show how big he is!

kim becca tina

Tina, Becca and me.

Becca (the blonde on the right) has been reading my blog and is interested in giving Whole30 a try.  Yesterday she sent me pictures of plantain chips that she made along with a ton of veggies.  Yes, this makes me happy.  Smile

My friend Kim is on Day 7 today and is already feeling great and slaying that sugar dragon!  She doesn’t have a blog but I’m hoping she’ll write a recap for me once she’s done with Whole30.  hint hint Kim

In case you missed it, Kristen from Change of Pace is starting her Whole30 on Monday, April 1st.  She also rounded up some other bloggers that were interested in starting at that time and she’ll be including a list in all of her Whole30 posts.

All of my Whole30 posts can be found here.




The usual!  Haha That’s not a biscuit, it’s a salmon cake.



Ugly Leftover Chicken Stew


I had half of a Larabar at the game.

Dane made dinner before he left for his game, so all we had to do when we got home was warm it up.


Hot plate including ground beef, cabbage, celery, onions, zucchini, red pepper and spices.  So simple but I really love these.


Weekend Plans

Saturday morning, we’re doing our usual farmers market run and then I need to work on my dessert for Sunday.  Later that evening, we’re going with some friends to check out Women’s Roller Derby!

Sunday we’re having everyone over at our house for Easter.

Monday we’re going to Sea World.  Dane’s college roommate will be in town with his wife and their 3 kids.  Looking forward to spending the day with them!

Have you been following March Madness at all?  Florida Gulf Coast shocked everyone by making it to the Sweet 16 and now they play the Gators tonight at 9:57pm EST.  Yikes!  That’s my bedtime.  Smile

Go Gators!!!


What are your weekend plans?



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