Whole30 – Day 30

We did it!!!  When I first sent Dane the e-mail with the details of Whole30, I was sure he wasn’t going to participate.  I knew his first response would be, “No beer for 30 days?”  Much to my surprise, he told me he was in and here we are at the end of our 30 days.

I’m sure you want to know our weight loss results and our overall thoughts on the program.  I promise, I will have my full recap up tomorrow morning.

I know you’re probably tired of seeing what we ate by now, but there’s one more day to add to the collection.

Breakfast was the usual yumminess that I’m still not tired of.


Eggs scrambled with mushrooms and onions, roasted sweet potatoes, bacon, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries.

Right before lunch I had a handful of walnuts, cashews and pistachios.


Lunch was leftovers


Ground pork and brussels sprouts, corned beef, a hard boiled egg and a Cutie.

Dane had an evening softball game, so he put a pork roast and sauerkraut in the crockpot.  I ate before we left the house.


One of Dane’s teammates brought his dog to the game.  He’s a 170 pound Bullmastiff!  Huge dog but super sweet and well behaved.


You can’t really tell how big he is in this picture.

I can’t wait to share our results with you tomorrow!!!

day 30

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    I’ve loved watching your experience every step of the way. And, no, I didn’t mind your posts of photos of the same meals. Truthfully, I usually don’t make anything myself until I’ve seen it on a blog a few times. (Now I know why marketers say that the audience has to see a product X number of times before actioning to buy it!)

    I don’t think my husband would do Whole 30 for me and I know that one of the reasons would be the beer, like you stated with your man!
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