Whole30 – Day 4

I woke up on Day 4 without a headache.  As the day went on, I did develop a small one but nothing like Days 2 & 3.  Dane said he still didn’t feel great so hopefully today will be better.

Our Day 3 e-mail gave tips on fighting food cravings.  I honestly haven’t been craving anything off plan the last couple of days but here a few of their tips.

Here are 5 ways to fight food cravings:

  • Delay or distract. We’ve already talked about this—tuning out a food craving for just a little while can actually make it go away, as will finding something else to do.
  • Chill out. Since cravings are often triggered by stress, boredom, anger, and other emotions, find other ways to calm down. Exercise has been shown to ease stress and release endorphins, so go for a walk, do some office-chair yoga, or drop and give us 10 (push-ups). Other ways to let out the stress are meditating, journaling, or even calling up a friend to vent.
  • Eat. If you’re legitimately hungry (use the techniques we described above) and craving something sweet, skip the sweet stuff—no snacking on fruit. Instead, eat a meal or snack focused on protein and fat. These two macronutrients together pack a huge satiety punch, letting your brain know that your body is full, well-nourished, and happy.*
  • Drink up. Thirst can easily masquerade as a craving—that feeling of, “I need something…” is often hard to pinpoint. The next time you have a food craving, drink a glass of water first. Then wait about fifteen minutes. If you’re still hungry, it’s probably legitimate, but this method is a great way to make sure you’re not just dehydrated.
  • Nap it. Food cravings and sleep deprivation go hand-in-hand. When you’re sleep deprived, your body releases a hormone that makes you crave sugars and carbohydrates. If you think you might be reaching for food from sheer exhaustion, go to your room (or out to your car) and take a fifteen minute cat-nap. Giving your body what it really needs will be a more effective way of making yourself feel better.

Our Day 4 breakfast looks very similar to the rest of the week.

IMG_1338 Eggs scrambled with veggies, roasted sweet potato, homemade breakfast sausage, strawberries and blueberries.

We’re officially out of the sausage and don’t have anymore sweet potatoes roasted so we’ll have to switch it up for Day 5.

Right before lunch, I dug into some raw cashews.

IMG_1342 Lunch was a salad.

IMG_1344 Spinach, romaine, cucumber, tomato, onion, black olives and shredded chicken.  Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon dressing.

I also had an apple.

IMG_1346 Dane got really creative for dinner and tried something totally new to us.  He ended up making Coconut Curry Shrimp & Scallops.

IMG_1349 He said all of this was made in one pan in stages using the following ingredients:

Coconut Milk (with a little bit of water)
Curry Powder
Red Pepper Flakes
Salt & Pepper

  • Sautee onions and celery
  • Add coconut milk and spices
  • Add carrots and parsnips until almost tender.
  • Add Zucchini and Cabbage (these don’t need to cook long)
  • Add Scallops and Shrimp until cooked through.

We both really liked this dish. I’m sure we’ll be having it again before the 30 days is up.

Before we started this program, I would weigh my self pretty much every morning.  After we weighed in on Day 1, I had Dane hide the scale but I honestly haven’t even been tempted to weigh.  I know that the way we’ve been eating for the last 4 days has been a huge improvement, so I’m excited to see the final results for both of us.

Fullscreen capture 2222013 50443 AM


Day 4 down – 26 to go!



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    Keep it up. I love hearing about your progress.


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