Whole30 – Day 2

I started Day 2 with a killer headache.  I’ve heard  other people complain of headaches in the first week, so I just assumed it was normal.  Our Day 1 breakfast was so good that we decided to have the same thing.



Eggs scrambled with veggies and dill, homemade breakfast sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, strawberries and blueberries.  I love all of the different colors!  I also had a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

Once I got to work, my headache was pretty bad so I took a couple of Aleve and drank a bunch of water.  Thankfully it did start getting better.

For lunch I had leftover roast with veggies and 2 unpictured hard boiled eggs.


The afternoon went pretty smooth as far as cravings go.  I wasn’t hungry and didn’t have the urge to raid the vending machine.

Dane sent me a picture of his lunch, too,


Chicken breast with sauteed zucchini and onions.

When I got home from work, it was time for dinner.


Dane made meatballs using ground beef, shredded carrots, onions and an egg.  To be honest, I actually liked these meatballs better that the ones we used to eat with breadcrumbs.  The sauce was Whole30 approved tomato sauce.  We also had spinach sauteed with onions, mushrooms and bacon.  Yes, bacon is Whole30 compliant as long as it doesn’t contain any added sugar.  And finally mashed fauxtatoes (cauliflower) with ghee (clarified butter).  Delicious!

None of these meals left me feeling like I was on a “diet.”  They tasted great, were nutritious and kept me satisfied until the next one.  My biggest struggle of the day was my headache.  Neither of us drank much soda before Whole30 so that hasn’t been a big adjustment for us like it is for a lot of people.  However, Dane always had juice in the refrigerator for mornings especially because he doesn’t drink coffee.  I’m still missing sweetener in my coffee but it’s not awful.

I signed up to receive the Whole30 Daily e-mail that contains tips and possible side effects that you’re feeling on the particular day.  At the end of the email there are 2 links.  One says, “I did it! Another Whole30 day in the bank!” and the other says, “I made some bad choices, let’s start my Whole30 over.”  We had a great day, so I clicked the first one and I got this message.

Fullscreen capture 2192013 80739 PM Day 2 down – 28 to go!



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    Everything looks delicious! What do you saute the veggies in?

    Hopefully the headache went away and you’re feeling better this morning!
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