Comfort Zone

I don’t know about you, but stepping out of my comfort zone stresses me out and makes me extremely anxious.  Especially pursuing something out of my comfort zone alone.  Last week I mentioned a Group Power class that I’ve been wanting to take at my gym.  I woke up with a headache last Saturday morning, so I didn’t end up going.  Convenient huh?  I sent my sister a text today asking if she wanted to take the class with me this Saturday.  (she has a membership at the same gym)  She said she already had   a couple of things going on, so she wasn’t going to be able to make it.  This instantly makes me want to chicken out.  It’s so frustrating because I know darn well that I’ll be happy I went when the class is done.  So, once again I am announcing to you that I WILL take this class on Saturday at 8:00am.

I really need to add some variety to my workouts and I’ve always liked group classes, so I think this will be really good for me.

Day 4 is in the books!  Here are some things that I’ve noticed the last couple of days:

  • I can smell sugar from a mile away.  Ok, maybe not that far but I feel like I notice it a lot more now.
  • I feel less swollen.  For awhile there my stomach actually started to look like I was pregnant and this week it’s not as bad.  I also notice it in my face and hands.
  • I haven’t been craving carbs as much as I thought I would.  Today I actually had a craving for steak!
  • I used to eat a lot of carbs without even realizing it.  When I think about what I used to eat – even when I was eating “healthier” most of my meals contained carbs.

I stepped on the scale again first thing yesterday morning.

Down another .8 for a total loss of 6.8 lbs since Saturday.

Breakfast was 2 frittata’s again.

One hard boiled egg and a light string cheese for a snack.

Lunch was a salad with a leftover turkey burger.

Later in the afternoon, I had a Kiku apple.

I told Dane that I was craving steak, so he went to Publix and picked up New York Strip Steaks for us.

He grilled the asparagus as well.  The other veggies were also leftover  but I was full after the steak and asparagus, so I didn’t eat them.

I’ve been doing pretty good at mixing up lunch and dinner but my snacks are getting repetitive, so I need to try and add some variety.

My sister posted this last night from The Keys.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Gotta love Florida.  :)  Today is actually her birthday – Happy Happy Birthday, Tanya!!!



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    Happy Birthday to your sister! GIRL you are doing great !!!! 6.8 lbs is amazing!!!! That steak looked so good! I think I will have to have one this weekend LOL

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    Those frittatas look so good! I’m definitely going to give those a try! And, great job with the weight loss!
    Krissy recently posted..Benefits of Losing WeightMy Profile


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