Eggs Over Munchkins

Good Morning and Happy Hump Day!  This week is actually going by pretty fast for me.  Day 2 of my Weight Loss Challenge and Low Carb diet went well.  I actually hopped on the scale yesterday morning and saw a 4.6 loss!!  Remember I said I may have been retaining water when I weighed in on Saturday from sushi the night before but I’m still extremely happy with that. Especially since I don’t feel like I’ve been depriving myself.

Breakfast was 2 of my frittata muffins.

I’m really happy with how these turned out.  I’ll definitely be making them again for next week.

My first snack was 2 hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper.  I would like to note that I chose these instead of the Dunkin Donuts Munchkins that were hanging out in the break room.  I love those things!

And 2 slices of Boars Head Roasted Chicken

Lunch was leftover turkey burger and veggie bake.

I was missing my fruit, so I had an apple later in the afternoon.  This was a Kiku apple from New Zealand.  I had never heard of them before.  Have you?

And a light string cheese

When I got home from work, I changed my clothes and ate something quick before heading to Dane’s softball game.

Turkey pepperoni, Colby-Jack cheese and salt & pepper cashews.  I know, not the most nutritious dinner, but it was good.  I also had a few peanuts at Dane’s game.  By the time I got home and prepped all of my food for today it was late and I didn’t want to eat before bed.  It definitely takes some time to prep for the next day but in the end, it’s totally worth it.

The Weight Loss Challenge is going well.  I’m really happy to see so many people getting motivated!  :)


I had intentions of coming home from the game and getting a workout in, but it didn’t happen.  I will be making up for it tonight.

Is your break room at work always filled with unhealthy food?  



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    Hey Kim – my daughter told me that berries – strawberries, raspberries, etc are lower sugar, so they would be good for low carb if you are craving fruit!

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    You are doing so well Kim, I am proud of you! The frittata muffins look so good! We ended up having scrambled eggs and sauteed veggies for dinner last night. I love having breakfast for dinner!
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    Yay Kim!! You are doing great! I love carbs and I never thought that I could/would cut back on them. I gave it a try and I think eating low carb has been a big part of my success! I have to admit that even though I still have a craving every now and again for carbs, I feel SO much better and don’t miss them as much as I always thought I would. I havent given up carbs completely, I just make sure I choose “healthy” carbs. Good luck to you…I know you can do this!

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      Thank you, Libby! I definitely don’t think you should give them up completely but I do feel much better already. I’ve noticed that I’m less swollen and bloated For awhile there my stomach looked like I was pregnant. :)

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