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Good Morning!  It’s Tuesday but it’s my last day of work for 5 glorious days.  :)  Dane and I are leaving for North Carolina early tomorrow morning to spend the long weekend with his parents.  I have a feeling today is going to be a long day considering it was a ghost town around the office yesterday.  I think a lot of people decided to take the entire week off.  I’ve been taking a lot of time off lately, so my vacation time is dwindling fast and I still have my cruise coming up in August.

On Sunday, I told Dane I was thinking about getting a treadmill for the house since that’s what I utilize most when I go to the gym early in the morning.  Later that night I decided to see what was online.  I found several on Craigslist but most of them looked really old and flimsy.  I did respond to a couple of ads asking if they were still available and I received a response yesterday from a lady telling me that hers was still for sale.  The ad stated that she was asking $100 but it also said make an offer.  I asked her if she would take $50 and her response was, “sure.”  I forwarded the e-mail to Dane and he agreed that it was a great deal.  The ad did include a picture and the treadmill appeared to be in good condition.  She said she needed the money to get her garage door fixed, so I could come pick it up that night.  I responded back asking for her address and she said, “please call me to make an appt.”  (and listed her phone #)  I called a few minutes later but it wasn’t a good number.  I sent her another e-mail telling her that number she gave me didn’t work and I never heard back again.

I figured there was something funky going on.  I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with Craigslist but I always hear of people being scammed.

Have you ever bought or sold anything on Craigslist?  If so, was it a good or bad experience?

My Monday started at 4:15am.  My alarm went off and for 2 seconds I contemplated rolling over to sleep for another 2 hours but instead I got up.  I already had my workout clothes laid out in the bathroom.

My coffee was already brewed, so I poured myself a cup and caught up on some blogs while my cats chased each other like a herd of elephants.  We have wood floors, so it’s extra loud and running usually turns into sliding and running into a wall or piece of furniture. They didn’t seem to care that it was only 4:30am!  You can only say shhhh so many times.  (Dane was still sleeping)  They’re not always sweet, innocent and cuddly like this.

At 5:00, I headed to the gym and did 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I was able to do 45 minutes!  I can feel it in my hips this morning, especially my right one.

When I got to work, breakfast was overnight oats.  Is it weird that I’m excited to eat breakfast when I get to work?  ;)

I added a little bit of granola and cinnamon on top.  Yum!

I brought the last of the leftover chili for lunch, but one of my co-workers offered to bring me a sandwich.  I had a Turkey Ryder with mustard, cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato.

My afternoon snack was some juicy, sweet watermelon (that I forgot to snap a pic of).  Watermelon screams 4th of July, doesn’t it?

For dinner, Dane made turkey meatballs w/homemade gravy, mashed sweet potatoes & carrots and green beans.

I was going to say this is one of my favorite meals, but really everything he makes is awesome and I love that I have leftovers for lunch today.

I couldn’t resist a Healthy Banana Muffin after dinner.  They’re really good and I didn’t even need to add butter or anything.  By the way, I added all of the ingredients (including my changes) into MyFitnessPal and one muffin = 183 calories.  That’s not awful for a big muffin.

If you’d like to add me as a friend on MyFitnessPal – you can do so *here*.

Do you have big plans for the holiday?  



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    That may be my favorite meal that Dane has made!! That looks so good!! I need a Dane;) and just look at those sweet kitties cute!
    Enjoy your vacation! Kelsey and I are running the Peachtrees Road Race early then I will hang out with family for a picnic and fireworks.

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    Kim Bel says:

    I’ve never bought anything from Craigslist, but sold something once. From my experience most of what I see that I want on Craigslist is overpriced, which is why people have a hard time selling. The reasonably priced items almost always go immediately.


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      I’m sure that is the case. I saw some treadmills listed for $600+! Yikes… Hope you’re doing well. :)

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        Kim Bel says:

        I saw about 3 on my Craigslist that were $1000+, can you imagine?? I could buy NEW for that, I dont care if it’s “gym quality”!

        I am doing well. After 1 week of gaining and the next week of maintaining I lost 2.6 lbs at last Fridays’ weigh-in, we’ll see what this week brings. I’m scared for next week, I’m going on vacation and I don’t like change from my routine. I do well when I do the same thing every day every week!

        And I had to chuckle when I read your post about having your workout stuff in the bathroom. I sleep in mine, and leave my bra & socks on the scale in the bathroom and put those on before I lumber downstairs to work out!


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