Soggy Friday

Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Holy cow, we are getting the rain here in Florida.  It was pouring during my entire drive home (1 hour) yesterday and seeing not one but two different cars flipped over on the side of the road didn’t help matters.  It always makes my heart sink when I see something like that.  Hopefully everyone involved was ok.  A couple of weeks ago, we were in desperate need of rain and in fire danger and now some areas are flooding.

Dane was supposed to have a softball game, but he got rained out for the 3rd time this week.  Instead of coming right home after work, I stopped at a small whole foods store near our house.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, so I just spent some time wandering around.

Have you ever heard of Halva?  My sister’s and I always used to have this at our Grandparent’s house when we were younger, so when I saw this, I had check it out.


It was just ok.  Not exactly what I remember but it definitely brought back memories.  The kind my Grandma used to have was quite a bit sweeter.

I also picked up some organic granola that they had on special.  This stuff is really good.  Can’t wait to have it with some yogurt and fresh fruit.


For months I’ve been wanting to try PB2.  I finally found some and will be trying it in my oats this morning.


I also got some roasted red pepper hummus.  I thought it was pretty good but Dane didn’t like it as much as the Sabra hummus that we usually have because it has less fat.


We didn’t have anything planned for dinner, so we sauteed some zucchini, mushrooms, onions, peppers & spinach and mixed it up with the leftover quinoa and topped it with some fresh grated parmesan.


Breakfast was vanilla Greek yogurt, granola, raspberries and blueberries and lunch was a leftover Turkey and Black Bean Enchilada.

Speaking of not having anything planned for dinner, this is something I really need to get back into doing.  When I don’t plan in advance, I’m much more likely to make bad choices at the last minute.  Especially this last week with me feeling extremely moody and constantly hungry.  This Sunday I will make sure we have our meals planned out for next week.  I would like to try a couple of new, healthy recipes as well.

Have a great Friday!


Have you ever tried PB2?  If so, what do you use it in?



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    Katie P. says:

    I love PB2! I use it in smoothies most of the time. I have also mixed it straight into jelly to make a sandwich (doesn’t look the greatest, but the taste is wonderful).

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      I’ll have to try it in a smoothie this weekend. I had some with my overnight oats this morning and really liked it. :)

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