The Weight of the Nation

I stayed home from work today since I was still feeling bad this morning.  I set up shop on the couch and was able to watch all 4 parts of the HBO Documentary: The Weight of the Nation.  If you don’t have HBO, you can see all 4 parts here.

The documentary focuses on the growing obesity problem in the US.  Some of the statistics I heard, just blew me away.

That’s a lot of work to burn off something that some people eat every single day.

They said some people drink their daily calorie allowance on soda and juice alone.

They said there are most likely 5 million people in the US that have diabetes and haven’t been diagnosed.

I know my sister’s and I used to spend a lot of time outside when we were young.  Our neighborhood was always filled with kids playing games, walking or riding their bikes.

Of course we all know that obesity has become an issue over the last 30 years, but seeing the numbers and seeing the effects on our bodies is really eye opening.

One thing I take for granted, is living in a safe neighborhood with sidewalks. I can walk right out my door and take a walk or go for a run.  Some people don’t have sidewalks where they live or children don’t have safe playgrounds.


I really hope I’m feeling better in the morning, so I can go back to work and get back into my routine.  We need to go grocery shopping, but Dane isn’t feeling well either.  He was nice enough to make us some pasta for lunch and I made myself a smoothie this afternoon with some frozen strawberries, spinach, vanilla greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and chia seeds.

My boys are keeping me company on the couch now.  I think they definitely missed us.  :)



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    Those are frightening statistics! I don’t know how anyone can hear them and not want to make some changes. We played outside all of the time. My grandkids never do. Seems like evn though we live close together, there really aren’t neighborhoods any more. Cuz we really don’t have neighbors. They’re just the people next door. Kids don’t play with neighbor kids because everybody is too busy. On one hand, I think we need to pick upthe pace and move a little bit. And on the other hand, we need to slow down so we can. Does that make sense? :-)

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    It does make sense. :)

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    So far I’ve watched the first episode of Weight of the Nation – great documentary! <3 the cats and the Steelers blanket!
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