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I was reading an article today and came across an alarming statistic.   By 2030, 42 percent of American adults will be obese, compared to 34 percent now, and 11 percent will be severely obese, compared to the current 6 percent.  42 percent?!  That’s almost HALF of American adults.  Is that shocking to anyone else?  The article also goes on to talk about whether or not the government should have control over what people eat and drink.  I agree that healthier choices should be available to children in school, but as far as adults are concerned, you’re responsible for your health.  We all know that there is no magic pill, shake or “diet” that is going to immediately reverse all of your bad habits.   This made me think about my reasons for deciding to lose weight/live a healthier life.

  • I hated the way I looked.  When I saw pictures of myself, I didn’t even recognize that person.
  • I never in my life thought I would see a number starting with 2 when I stepped on the scale.
  • My size 16 jeans were getting really tight.
  • I was out of breath just from tying my shoes.
  • I couldn’t paint my toenails.
  • I was always the fat friend/sister in pictures.
  • In high school I played volleyball, basketball & softball and now taking the stairs at work was extremely challenging.
  • I hated wearing a bathing suit.  (I live in Florida)
  • I couldn’t catch my breath after running less than a 1/4 mile.
  • I realized eating at 2:00am on the weekends may have saved me from a hangover, but it wasn’t doing my body any favors.
  • My knees were hurting me.  I thought the doctor might tell me I needed surgery, instead he told me to lose weight.
  • My cholesterol was high.
  • I didn’t want to wait until I was laying in a hospital bed being forced to make changes.
  • I want to wear cute clothes instead of oversized tops that just make me look bigger than I am.
  • I want to feel that sense of accomplishment.

I’m sure I could come up with a lot more, but there’s a few of my reasons.


This morning for breakfast I had some overnight oats.  In the mix:

* 1/3 cup rolled oats
* 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
* 1/3 cup vanilla greek yogurt
* 1 tbsp chia seeds
* 3/4 banana
* 1 tbsp peanut butter

For lunch I had a salad that I picked up at Publix on Sunday.  This was my first time trying one of these and I would definitely get one again when I don’t have leftovers to bring for lunch.  Only 210 calories!!


Not long after lunch, I had an apple.  I thought I picked up Fuji’s at the store but the sticker said it was a Braeburn.  Either way, it was really good.  Perfect amount of sweetness and crisp.

Later in the afternoon I had a sugar free pudding an didn’t remember to take a picture until it was gone.  Oops!  :)

Dane’s cousin is in town from Ohio, so we had dinner with him, his wife and Dane’s Grandma.  We decided on a British Pub by the beach called Black Sheep.  There aren’t a whole lot of healthy choices available and since I had a salad for lunch, I didn’t want another one.  I ordered the veggie burger and sweet potato fries.  A small NSV considering the previous 2 times I ate there I had the Fish and Chips.  I didn’t take a picture because the lighting was horrible.

Workout –  I didn’t get up and early and go to the gym, because I was dealing with a horrible toothache Sunday night and got very little sleep.  I was so tired when I got up for work that I almost felt hungover.  I did make a point to get up and walk around at work more than I usually do.

What are your reasons?



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    I love this post! I agree, I dont want the government telling me what to eat, and I think parents should help their kids with eating better but kids NEED healthy options. I also wish that healthy eating was more affordable!
    I (like everyone) have a long list of reasons why I want to change my lifestyle and be healthy. Better health as I age, good role model for family, look better, feel better. I am so sick of being the “fat funny Mom” I am so sick of thinking I deserve to be treated a certain way because I am fat. and I want to go to bed everynight and be proud of myself instead of laying there wishing I could change and hating myself!

    • 2

      I’s definitely not affordable. We spend a lot of money in the produce section of our grocery store.

      Isn’t it “funny” how we are funny to try and cover up other insecurities? :)

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    I really like this post. I work in school food service and I can tell you it’s a challenge to feed kids today. There are lots of government regs concerning fat intake, sodium intake and all that good stuff…which is OK. The challenge is to give a child a healthy meal that tastes good within the budget we have to work with. Not always easy. I wish it were possible to prepare all meals from scratch but budgetary constraints make that very difficult. And, let’s face it, this has to start at home. If a child is used to eating fast food, that child isn’t always open to trying now things. I know from experience…my grandkids eat a ton of fast food and they honestly didn’t recognize chicken if it wasn’t in a nugget form. I can give them healthier options at my house but if it isn’t re-enforced at home, I’m fighting a losing battle.

    Having said that, you are absolutely right when you say that adults are responsible for their own health. I just hope that if our children are taught better eating habits, they won’t grow up to be those obese adults.

    And that’s where I am. I’m tired of looking in the mirror…or maybe avoiding the mirror is a better statement….and not liking the reflection. I’m tired of waiting to buy new clothes cuz maybe I’ll lose weight and can get a smaller size. And I’m tired of not feeling well…high cholesterol and heartburn….all caused by the way I eat. I’m ready to go into my closet and know that anything in there will fit. I don’t have to look for the “fat” clothes, the in between clothes and the “skinny” clothes (that are pretty much like new! :-) )

    Sorry I was long winded, but child nutrition is kind of a passion of mine. :-)
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      You’re absolutely right, it starts at home. My sisters and I did not grow up eating healthy AT ALL. We drank several cans of soda a day, lots of sweets and all of the fast food we could handle. When we went to my Grandma’s house, she would literally be upset if you didn’t fill your plate up a second time. :)

      We will get there!

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    I just want to get the most out of life as possible – I don’t want things like my weight / health holding me back. :)

    I think it is really hard to decide where the government should step in. I know that many people would have a problem with them regulating their food, but those same people will expect some help paying for their hypertension / hyperlipidemia / diabetes medications when medicare (government) is their insurance. So, from a financial outlook, it would make sense. However, people are going to eat what they are going to eat. I know I did. ;)
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      “I just want to get the most out of life as possible – I don’t want things like my weight / health holding me back. ” – Well said :)

      You’re right, when it comes down to it, people will do what they want. It’s like the child that’s always told not to do something – they end up rebelling.


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