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Good Morning!  :)  I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon informing me that I’ve been accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador! What is FitFluential you ask?

FitFluential is a nationwide network of fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline through multiple social media platforms. Founded in April of 2011 by Kelly Olexa, FitFluential was designed to connect health and wellness brands with their ideal target market through customized, long-term experiential and contextual marketing campaigns.

When I have more information, I’ll be sure to share it with you.  You can apply to become an Ambassador here.


This morning I got up and made breakfast for us.  Dane and I split an omelet that I made with 2 eggs, 1 egg white, onions, mushrooms and spinach.  I also made some reduced fat bacon and potatoes with onions and mushrooms.

After breakfast, my sister called me and asked if I wanted to go to the beach for a little while.  It hadn’t been in a long time and really needed some sun, so I told her I would go with her.  I threw on my bathing suit/cover up and drove to her house.

This guy wanted to hitch a ride, too!

We stopped at Walgreens by the beach to pick up something to snack on.  I had this Clif bar.

And we shared some Popchips.

It was really windy today and there was seaweed ALL over the beach.

We went down by the water a couple of times, but only put our feet in.  It’s still pretty chilly!  When I got home, Dane and I went to Publix to do our grocery shopping.  We didn’t need to get as much as we usually do since we have plans to go out to dinner with family tonight, he has softball on Tuesday and Friday morning we leave for vacation.

For dinner we had grilled chicken breasts with barbecue sauce, black beans and rice and cucumber salad.

Dane made the cucumber salad with red onion, fat free sour cream, , lemon juice, dill, salt & pepper.  It was really good!

After dinner I wanted to go for a run/walk but the clouds were rolling in and it looked like it was going to rain.  Instead of using that as an excuse to not workout like I have been lately, I went to the back room and did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.

It had been awhile since I did this workout.  I could instantly feel it in my arms, legs and abs.  Thanks Jillian!

Have a great Monday!!  :)



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    I would love to lay by the beach! and your meals always look so good! Dane must be a heck of a griller cause that chicken is making my mouth water!

    • 2

      We definitely don’t take advantage of the beach as much as we should.

      He is an excellent cook! I thought I could cook before I met him. ;)

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